It’s a familiar sight as Canberrans prepare to exercise their political right every three years.

Corflutes featuring the faces of politicians and political hopefuls, lining the streets of the Nation’s Capital in the weeks leading up to an election.

Corflutes featuring the faces of Canberra Liberal candidates staked along Limestone Avenue in 2020 [credit: Patrick Pentony]

But have you ever wondered what happens to the roadside plastic signs once the results are in?

In a post to his Facebook page, Labor MLA Michael Petterson has revealed where his political branding has ended up.

Local Landcare groups have repurposed the old corflutes, upcycling them as tree guards that have found themselves in use outside the ACT border.

Now helping to protect 600 native trees recently planted in Murrumbateman.


“I think it’s a nice addition to the scenery.” Mr Petterson said.