Two new covid-19 cases recorded in Canberra’s quarantine system on Wednesday have now been confirmed as active infections, after health authorities initially treated them as historic.

Follow up testing on Thursday returned stronger positive results with further testing to be undertaken over the coming 48 hours to determine if the infections are a variant strain of the virus.

Both men, one aged in his 40’s the other in his 20’s, tested negative before boarding a flight from Singapore to the ACT.

Investigations are now underway to determine if the two men acquired the virus from the same or different sources.

It comes as ACT health authorities also prepares for the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine from next week.

The temporary COVID-19 surge centre in Garran, which is currently operating as the vaccine hub for Pfizer, will also become the vaccine hub for the new jabs.

The centre currently operates in two halves, with the other half operating as a testing site.


Testing for COVID-19 at the facility will be closed from Monday night to allow the rollout of the AstraZeneca jab.

ACT Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith said other testing sites across the Territory will still operate, allowing authorities at the surge centre to focus on the vaccine’s rollout.

“That means we can ensure that more of our frontline health workers, particularly those that are working in hospital settings, can be vaccinated more quickly.”

As of Thursday more than 1,560 Canberrans have been vaccinated against the virus.