The ACT is set to remove Victoria as a COVID-19 affected area, allowing quarantine free travel between the two jurisdictions from the start of next month.

It follows an announcement from New South Wales on Thursday, that fully vaccinated Victorians will be welcome into the state from 1 November.

The ACT has previously indicated it will be aligning its travel restrictions with our neighbouring state from the start of next month.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, on Friday said that includes travel with Victoria.

“We’ve already announced that as an intention, that we’ll be following New South Wales in that regard.”

“So people can factor in 1 November as the date.”

However, Canberrans wishing the enter Victoria still face some restrictions.


The Territory is considered an ‘orange zone’ under Victoria’s entry permit system.

That means Canberrans need to apply for a permit prior to their arrival, complete a COVID test within 72 hours or arriving and isolate until that test comes back negative.

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