The ACT recorded 30 COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, marking a new daily record.

At least 11 of the new cases were infectious in the community, while six are still under investigation.

25 of the new cases are linked to known cases.

There is now a total of 167 active cases in the Nation’s capital.

Four COVID-19 patients remain in hospital, but one has been admitted into the Intensive Care Unit and is receiving breathing support.

Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith says a UC Hospital worker is also among the new cases but is considered low risk.

“The team member was wearing a surgical mask and goggles while in clinical areas while they were unknowingly infectious, which means the risk to staff and patients is very low.”


All staff members that are close contacts are in quarantine.

It comes as more than 12,000 locals aged 16 to 29 register for the Pfizer vaccine.

But Chief Minister Andrew Barr encourages Canberrans to consider other options as it will take a while to get a Pfizer booking based on the available supply.

“The Astra Zeneca vaccine is available now through your local GP’s and pharmacists. It is seriously worth considering.”

64,000 are still unvaccinated within that age cohort and health authorities are stressing that vaccination against COVID-19 remains the key to reopening the country.

Mr. Barr says the national 70% and 80% vaccination targets to ease restrictions are important milestones, but they aren’t the end game.


“The ACT will be striving for much more than 80% and we will be including in our goals all those currently eligible for vaccinations. This will figure in our decision making on what future public health settings will look like. So that’s everyone 12 years plus.”

Detailed guidelines for COVID-19 business hardship schemes are now also available online, offering up to $10,000 for employing businesses and businesses that are significantly impacted by the lockdown.

Local businesses are encouraged to look over the guidelines and prepare the information necessary to apply.

Online applications will open in coming days and information can be found on the ACT Government Business Hub website.

Plans are also underway to reintroduce some of the commercial and residential tenancy supports from last year’s lockdown.

Mr. Barr says locals should work together in the meantime.


“We encourage landlords and tenants to engage with each other in good faith regarding rental payments during this lockdown period.”

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