They’re one of Australia’s greatest love stories and now the iconic couple is back and are making their return to the small screen.

Rhonda and Ketut first captured the nation’s attention back in 2011, as we watched one of our countries safest drives fall in love during an overseas holiday.

Over the following three years we watched as their relationship grew as bright as Balinese sunrise.

Since then, the pair have spent the best part of past decade out of the spotlight, avoiding the media, as they raise their three children but now they’re back to encourage us to roll up our sleeves for a COVID vaccine.

We’ve been given a sneak peak at what to expect in the new ad.



The stars of the AAMI insurance campaign will feature a new campaign from the insurer, that’s set to be rolled out on screens across the country from Saturday.

Lisa Harrison from AAMI said the campaign aligns with the brand’s role in supporting communities get back on their feet.

“We understand the significant impact COVID-19 continues to have on our customers, our people and our communities, which is why we strongly support the need for a rapid, efficient, safe and effective vaccination strategy for Australia.”

Rhonda and Ketut will join AAMI’s current stable of stars – Keith and the Queens of Broken Heel and the always helpful, AAMI representatives, in the latest ad campaign from the national insurer.

Listen to the latest news below: