Santa has been given the final clearance to enter Australian airspace ahead of his long journey across the globe on Thursday night.

Staff at Canberra Airport will be monitoring his movements as he makes his way through the Nation’s Capital, delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls.

Mr Claus and his reindeer have been given a special call sign, SLEIGH RIDER ONE, with a notice also being issued to other aircraft due to fly tonight to ensure there are no disruptions to Santa’s journey.

Airservices Acting Chief Air Traffic Controller Glen Lang said staff have been working hard to make sure Santa enjoys a COVID safe Christmas Eve flight and makes his deliveries on time.

“Santa has very special requirements for his complex flight paths—in comparison to average aircraft he makes frequent tight turns and conducts multiple low level descents.”

“He’s cleared to fly at 500FT so he can skim the rooftops and deliver his presents quickly and quietly. He is also authorised to use his booster rockets as required to fly at much faster speeds if he is falling behind.”

Earlier this month, health authorities also issued Santa with a exemption to enter the ACT for his important Christmas Eve Journey.


Acting ACT Chief Health Officer, Dr Vanessa Johnston said Mr and Mrs Claus had shown their abilities to stay covid safe.

“Santa and the North Pole support crew have followed all the public health advice to help stop the spread of COVID-19. This includes practising good hand and respiratory hygiene, physical distancing, staying home when they weren’t well, and getting tested when they had COVID-19 symptoms”.

Santa will be accompanied, as always, by Rudolph and his reindeer friends who will all be making regular stops to wash their hands throughout the night.

Mr Claus has made a special request for the kids of Canberra this year, asking them to leave out some hand sanitiser for him and the reindeer, as well as a snack to enjoy on the journey.