Police operations along the ACT’s border this week have caught several people trying to illegally enter the Territory as COVID border closures and lockdowns continue.

Officers have been stationed along major roads leading into the Nation’s Capital on Thursday and Friday.

Twelve people were turned around on Thursday.

Detective Acting Superintendent Donna Hofmeier said, as of midday, 15 people from Sydney and Goulburn had also been turned around on Friday.

“There are some people that are getting mixed messages and we have been educating people, rather than enforcement, but we are now getting to a point where there are too many coming in now and we will start enforcing harder.”

Since the ACT’s lockdown began, more than 20,000 vehicles have been checked on the border as part of a joint operation between ACT Police and the Monaro Police District in New South Wales.

Monaro Police District Commander, Superintendent John Klepczarek said the joint operation highlighted the importance of people only making essential movements across the border.


“NSW Police will be enforcing the Public Health Orders and ensuring that anyone leaving the ACT is compliant with those orders.”

“For anyone caught breaching travel rules, NSW Police will be taking action under Operation Stay At Home, which includes hefty fines or you will be turned around back to the ACT.”

Only residents from a select number of surrounding NSW postcodes are allowed to enter the ACT for essential reasons.

Border operations are expected to increase over the next two weeks as students go on school holidays with ADF personnel to also come on board.

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