The prospect of a four-day working week is an exciting one for most.

Now the ACT Legislative Assembly is looking into the idea, with an Assembly Committee considering it as part of an inquiry into the future of the working week.

Chair of the Committee, Nicole Lawder, said it hopes to start the conversation about how our traditional working weeks could change.

“We think that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we can introduce flexible working arrangements in some workplaces.”

A discussion paper was released on Wednesday, with the committee now keen to hear from the public about their thoughts on the matter.

The Chair also noting that the Committee does not have a particular view at this time about what a four-day work week would look like and whether it is the future of work.

“For some people they’ll see this as, perhaps, a costly and unaffordable option and maybe difficult to implement in some industries but for other people they may see productivity, health and wellbeing improvements.”


Following submissions and hearings, the committee will consider its findings before releasing a report where it’s expected to make a number recommendations to the ACT Government.

Submission to the inquiry close on Monday 1 November.