The ACT Health Minister has warned the scheduled lifting of the Territories lockdown could be postponed if the COVID-19 situation worsens in the coming weeks.

The Territories pathway forward, announced on Monday, outlines an easing of restrictions from 15 October if case numbers remain steady in the ACT.

Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said a decision will be made closer to the date to assess the risk of reopening.

“We are going to continue to have cases of COVID-19 and so what we need to do is to monitor what’s happening, see how those case numbers go, see what the impact is on hospitalisation and our ICU usage.”

Chief Minister Andrew Barr outlined one of the risks in Monday’s COVID-19 press conference, revealing the ACT’s daily case numbers are expected to reach the hundreds once public health directions ease.

But Minister Stephen-Smith said those numbers can be lowered and the risk can be managed if more Canberrans are protected against the virus.

“What is going to make a real difference as we open with cases is having that really high vaccination rate. So again, if you haven’t been vaccinated, get out there and get the jab.”