A massive thank you to firefighters has appeared in New York City’s Times Square in the form of a 20-metre high flaming billboard.

The ad flips between two screens…the first says: “Thank you to the brave Australian and US firefighters defending Australia. And to the world for all your support.”

The second – a huge wall of flames – places passers-by in the shoes of firefighters: “Imagine fighting a bushfire higher than this billboard,” it reads.

The SMH reported the RFS was approached by US company Silvercast media, which offered a donation of free advertising space.

“It was an opportunity to thank the firefighters both here and from overseas, and also the community not just here in NSW but also around the world, who’ve shown their support.”


After the RFS told Sydney ad agency Wunderman Thompson of the “amazing” donation, the team came up with the idea to convey the sheer scale of what the fireys were up against.

“We just wanted to give people in Times Square an experience of how big these fires are and how brave these firefighters are,” chief creative officer Simon Langley said.

The ad will run on the screen outside the Marriott Marquis hotel for the next couple of weeks.

There’s still 24 fires burning around NSW, with 18 yet to be contained.