To celebrate 55 years since the establishment of the Belconnen region, the local arts centre is looking to take a trip down memory lane.

Staff at the Belconnen Arts Centre are currently working to create an exhibition to mark the milestone birthday next month but it’s also putting out the call to locals to help bring it together.

Artistic Director and Co-CEO Monika McInerney said she’s looking for photos snapped across the region over the past five decades, that will be collated and put on display.

“It could be special places, in the suburbs or in the town centre itself, it could be local landmarks, community celebrations – I know that there used to be some really fabulous festivals that happened in Belco.”

Ms McInerney said there are no limitations or rules to what can be submitted, simply, if you have an image that shows what things used to look like and you’d like to share it, get in touch.

“Within the last six years that I’ve been working here [at the Arts Centre] the town centre has significantly changed.”

“Whether you like it or loath it – it’s happening and it’s always fun to see how places that we look at now used to look different.”


Locals looking to make a submission can get in touch with the Arts Centre online or via their social media channels.

The milestone ‘Belco’ birthday is being celebrated on 23 June.