Despite ongoing state border closures, the spread of coronavirus remains relatively under control here in Australia.

It’s a stark comparison to the situation overseas with World Health Organisation data reporting more than 300,000 new infections recorded across the globe on Tuesday alone.

There are now more than 96 million infections of COVID-19 worldwide with more than 2 million people losing their battle with the disease.

In the United States, on the eve of incoming President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the country also reached a grim milestone.

The death toll from the virus surpassing 400,000 after an additional 1,441 fatalities.

That tally a sobering figure, with the number people in the US who’ve died from the virus now sitting at roughly the same number as the entire Canberra population.

Despite the rollout of a vaccine, the spread of the virus in the United States is showing no major signs of slowing down with the death toll also, sadly, expected to keep climbing.