Phase 1B of Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout gets underway on Monday.

More than 6 Million Aussies are eligible under the new phase with elderly and indigenous Australians, adults living with specific medical conditions and disabilities and workers in high-risk setting such as emergency services and meat processing all now included in the program.

ACT Health Minister, Rachel Stephen-Smith said there’s a big job ahead to ensure the safe deliver of this next phase.

“This is really exciting that we’re into our next phase, but people really do need to be patient, we’re not going to be able to vaccinate everyone that’s eligible under Phase 1B all at once.”

18 GP clinic’s across Canberra have signed up to be part of the vaccine’s delivery, however it’s feared some supplies may be delayed due to the flooding event taking places across New South Wales.

Clinic’s are also reporting long delays in the wait for appointments after being overwhelmed with demand following last week’s announcement of the commencement for the next phase.

“Don’t panic if you can’t get an appointment straight away, you will be able to get one with a million vaccinations coming online in the next little while.” She added.


The Australian Medical Association is also encouraging Canberrans who are eligible to get the vaccine to book an appointment.

It comes after a number of European Nations last week suspended their rollouts of the AstraZeneca vaccine with fears the jab was linked to an increased risk of blood clots.

Further investigations have since found no link between the two, with vaccination rollouts resume across the continent.

AMA ACT President, Dr Antonio Di Dio said Canberrans should have confidence in the safety of the vaccine.

“At this point in time, there is no evidence that we should be avoiding the vaccine, in fact there’s very strong evidence that we should be having it.”

“I certainly am looking forward to when my time comes around for having my dose of the vaccine.”