A woman who was meant to be quarantining at home, has been charged with drink driving after police allegedly caught her under the influence while behind the wheel in Canberra early on Sunday morning.

Two passengers were also in the car at the time.

They’ve both now been ordered into home quarantine after coming into close contact with the woman.

In addition to her drink driving charge, the woman has also picked up a fine for breaching the ACT’s public health orders.

It comes as Police ramp up their compliance checks across the Territory while lockdown continues.

ACT Policing has issued a number of cautions and fines since the Territory entered lockdown back on 12 August.

  • Arrests for alleged breach’s to public health orders: 36
  • Fines issued for breaches: 56
  • Cautions issued for breaches: 98
  • Directions to leave the ACT: 277
  • Compliance complaints: 1,560
  • Traffic stops: 26,626
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