Two lucky lovebirds are now $20 million dollars richer after scoring the only division one winning entry in Thursday night’s Powerball draw.

The Belconnen couple in their 30’s initially ignored calls from officials, before finally answering the phone to learn the news.

“Oh my god!” the winning man exclaimed while his wife screamed in the background.

“I saw I had two missed calls, and I thought, ‘who’s calling me at this time?’. I thought, ‘I’m not answering this. They’re probably ringing with bad news’.

He then went on to explain how the couple rarely splurged on tickets.

“No jokes, two nights ago, I was lying in bed, and these numbers pop into my head randomly. I bought a ticket into Set for Life using those numbers. But while I was getting that, I just thought I’d throw in a PowerHit entry as Powerball had $20 million.

In addition to winning the division one jackpot of $20,507,103.16, the couple’s also scored a division two win 19 times.


Bringing their total windfall to $20,852,900.31.

The couple said the win means a lot for their family.

“I want to help my parents and siblings, I want to buy a house for our young family,  It’s going to make a world of difference.”