Nige came into work this week with one mission.

To try out his new Spyra Two. The world’s most epic high powered water pistol.

There was only one way to test it out, by shooting the high-powered water at Producer Billy.


Producer Billy decked himself out in armour, as provided by Nige, before heading out to the carpark at Mix 106.3 to give the Spyra Two a go.


Producer Billy seemed nervous…


“I’m about to get shot by what is the equivalent of an army based rifle, but it’s a water pistol, everyone else is excited, I’m glad someone is.”


While Nige, as expected was also excited….

“Some nerds over in the states made it (the Spyra Two). It’s got some kick. I’m glad we’re NOT shooting me, but I am glad we’re shooting Billy.”


Plenty of Mix 106.3 staff members looked on as Billy reluctantly prepared himself for the onslaught of the Spyra Two. Everyone waited with baited breath.


Let’s just say it was lucky Billy had his armour on! The water stream from the Spyra Two ricocheted of the armour with a bang!


Note to future self. Don’t get on Nige’s bad side.


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