Perhaps the most under reported chapter in Queen Elizabeth II retrospectives over the past month is the BBC special ‘It’s A Royal Knockout’.

If you don’t remember this landmark moment in television history from 1987, the full episode is here on YouTube:

In a nutshell, It’s A Knockout was the original Wipeout that we see on TV today…or Ninja Warrior minus the skill and upper body strength.

In a strategic PR move designed to make the Royal Family appear relatable to us commoners, the Queen gave the green light for her adult kids to star in a one-off special episode of the show.

35 years later, Rod thinks a similar opportunity may have presented itself.

Despite King Charles making headlines around the world for selling off The Queen’s beloved horses, Her Majesty has got the last laugh.


Before her passing, Queen Elizabeth II signed off on renovations to Buckingham Palace that will take 10 years – precluding the new King and Queen Consort from moving in any time soon.

In the spirit of turning an obstacle into an opportunity however, Rod, Mick, Sammy & Producer Haylee devised a plan that will not only stop the Australian Republic movement in it’s tracks…it will also guarantee ratings success for one more season of Channel 9’s The Block.

Take a listen for the best TV Show idea since 1987’s It’s A Royal Knockout!