AFL Legend Barry Hall spoke to Tamara & Rod from Wrapped Podcast ahead of the new season of SAS Australia airing tonight on channel 7 and said he only got the call up days before filming.

His wife who is former Hi-Fi member, Lauren Brant was close to giving birth to their third son and Barry leaving to do the challenging course would mean he may miss the birth. Lauren supported him to undertake the SAS selection course despite potentially not being by her side in labour. Partaking in the course also meant he’d be leaving Queensland which posed another challenge in returning home after the show stopped filming.

Barry told Wrapped Podcast that he was waiting on edge throughout filming to hear if Lauren had gone into labour. Luckily, she gave birth 2 days after filming finished although due to covid restrictions in Queensland at the time, he was not able to go into hospital and be by her side. He dropped her off at the hospital front door with his two sons, Miller and Houston in the car.

Barry revealed to Tamara & Rod that he “hasn’t told many people this but Lauren actually gave birth in the reception area of the hospital right after i dropped her.” He said, “the staff were about to put her in a wheelchair when she said, the head is here!”

He also said that whilst he wasn’t allowed in, he got to watch the birth of his 3rd son, Samson from his car.. with his two other kids in the back!

Listen below:


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