The Canberra Hospital’s annual fundraising event is upon us!

Cam Sullings, from The Cam & Renee Show will be hosting the hospitals biggest fundraising day yet, this year’s CAN GIVE DAY.

The main event will be the Big Wig Challenge when 11 brave local business and community leaders will face their fears,  and scale down Building 8 on Hospital Road.

Among them will be patient advocate Chris Cairns, who was left a paraplegic after a series of life threatening health emergencies just over 12 months ago. With the assistance of robotic technology being trialed at the University of Canberra Hospital he is learning to walk again and is able to participate in the challenge!

The other big wigs joining Chris are:

Deborah Rolfe AM – Canberra Hospital Foundation Chair

Dave Peffer – Canberra Health Services CEO


Susan Freiberg – Canberra Health Services Executive Director Centenary Hospital for Women Youth and Children

Richard Rolfe – Rolfe Motors

Archie Tsirimokos – Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers

Amanda Whitley – Her Canberra

Christine Shaw – Blackshaw Realestate

Jane Gunn – KPMG


Ron Shepherd – Advantage Advertising

Tane Patchett – Multiplex

Chris Cairns – CAN GIVE DAY Patient Advocate


But that’s not all….

26 teams across Canberra Hospital are hosting events, from bake sales and dress ups to MasterChef Cooking challenges.


Breast Screen ACT will clear the runway for a Bra Walk at 10:30am. The team have decorated bras they’ll be wearing on the outside of their clothing to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise funds for CAN GIVE DAY. Julianne Solway, a registered Nurse at BreastScreen ACT says

“We hope to build this event year upon year. Hopefully one day we will see workplaces filled with people wearing bras on the outside on CAN GIVE DAY to bring awareness to breast cancer and the importance of breast screening”

While four top cooks will compete in the MasterCook Challenge, with three challenges to test their skill and grit!


To find out more about how to get involved or DONATE check out their website.