As Australia faces the increasing threat of natural disasters and the inevitable impact those have on homes, attention is now turning to how best to avoid large scale damage to existing properties.

The recent flooding crisis in New South Wales and Queensland has further highlighted this issue for thousands of residents along Australia’s East Coast.

The Real Estate Show spoke to RealtyTalk Expert, Kevin Turner, who lives in Brisbane, to get his thoughts on managing the risk of future flooding events.

Turner suggested Queenslander style homes may be the way to go in places where it may not be possible or practical to relocate existing flood prone towns and suburbs.

“We’ve started to build to the conditions, there’s evidence that after the 2011 floods, a lot of houses were knocked over and rebuilt to the conditions – actually built up over the flood level.”

“Anything on the ground floor wasn’t habitable, so no bedrooms, which is very easy to clean out.”

Listen to the chat below:


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