The Wedding that Canberra built went off with only one hitch.. Alex and Val getting hitched (see what I did there?)..

AND we.. Nige, myself, and Weddings of Canberra are so happy for them. Happy, relieved, exhausted, elated and in Ugg boots after wearing a hole in the dancefloor at the reception.

This was an idea Nige and I had while eating eggs benedict at a café one morning post a show. “What if we gave away a Wedding and the couple made NO decisions?”..

What rolled out on the air was so much greater than that.

Kristen and Nige at Alex and Val's Wedding

The scene was set.

Little did we know Val and Alex would apply. A couple whose love has been tested through long distance, a botched proposal, a health scare and Alex’s two left feet.

Canberra would fall in love with this couple. The vendors organised by Weddings of Canberra would fall over backwards to make this day a dream come true.

Kristen Marrying Alex and Val.

They say ‘I DO!’

Val’s careers from the hospital would turn up to surprise her.. Cielo the dog would be chaperoned wearing a blue lead and flowers as Val’s “something blue”.

Nige would turn up in a suit, rather than his captain cave man shirt.

I mean, the day was nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

As my first hit out as a Celebrant… What. A. Morning. What an experience.

Alex and Val Kiss

The KISS!!!


Privileged to be a small part of this love story and my only hope is that the love, support and excitement for Val and Alex gushed out the speakers to you listening.

Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful journey. This Wedding was more than radio – it was truly a wedding we enjoyed as a city.

Now for a lie down.

Kristen x

Alex and Val Couple

The beautiful couple.


Thank you to the wonderful supports of ‘The Wedding That Canberra Built’.