Say hi to our last couple for ‘The Wedding That Canberra Built’ – Deonne and Ben.

This couple will have been together for 10 years this August. Deonne is a fanatical Raiders fan and Ben works in the Defence Force. They have two songs, Logan (3 years old), Nate (1 year old) and a Great Dane called Artie (who is the biggest sook you will ever meet). Their two sons are very different in personality. Logan is a big Star Wars and Transformers fan while Nate can only be described as an ‘old soul’ as he has a very chill demeanor.

Deonne and Ben have never spent a full year together due to Defence Force obligations. The couple has lived in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne then back to Canberra. Last Christmas Deonne proposed to Ben on Christmas Day. It was right after an argument where a ring was given to him as a present, but Ben insisted that Deonne ‘do it right’ and get down on one knee and he said yes! The funny this is that the ring was the wrong size.

Why should Kristen and Nige pick Deonne and Ben? They can be described as ‘old school’ and believe in love, commitment and spending the rest of their life together. Also, weddings cost an absolute arm and a leg and they both believe this is the closest thing to having an amazing wedding (or they’ll probably just wait another 10 years).

Listen to their story below:

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