This is our second couple for ‘The Wedding That Canberra Built’.

These two lovers have been together for 4 years. They own a Kelpie puppy called Cielo (which is actually ‘sky’ in Spanish) due to her fur reminding the couple of the night sky. She also loves tennis balls and won’t stop wagging her tail when she sees one. You’ll find this couple at Blockhaus climbing with friends.

Right before the pandemic Alexander surprised Valentina with a proposal for marriage. Soon after they began to plan their wedding but Valentina became sick and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Valentina was immediately hospitalised as without treatment she would only have a few weeks to live. Valentina underwent treatment and was given a 50% chance to live.

During her treatments Alexander was there every step of the way. They spent their next anniversary, Valentine’s day and my birthday in hospital. Alexander made Valentina laugh every day and was a pillar of strength during this difficult time. Valentina survived and they are now looking at finally getting married.

Why should Kristen and Nige pick Valentina and Alexander? Valentina and Alexander consider themselves as soulmates. They have worked so hard to be together, even with Valentina’s diagnosis, Alexander never gave up on her. Having a wedding in Canberra would mean so much to them as they consider this place we call home their community.

Meet this lovely couple:


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