The shining light of 2021 has been the feeling that like Las Vegas, we have had our own permanent circus. As Canberrans we know we’re not left wanting for much…with the obvious exception of a beach, but we will all make up for that these holidays at the South Coast. I thought we had made it when Ikea arrived at Majura and day long round trips to Tempe Ikea became a thing of the past. Once we got a Costco I didn’t think it could get any better…until 2021!

In a battle of Which Was Worse…2020 or 2021? – there is supporting evidence on both sides of the argument, but 2020 didn’t have a permanent circus in the capital.When the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular landed at Majura Park in June little did the stars of the show know that this would become their home for the remainder of the year.The modern travelling circus has been the stuff of fascination and entertainment for over 250 years, but ACT lockdowns and travel restrictions removed the ‘travelling’ from the circus.

The Sesame Street Circus Spectacular’s originally scheduled 4-week Canberra stay ended up being significantly longer and significantly more challenging for it’s cast and crew, but we have had the privilege of an almost permanent circus.
As a result, we are now lucky enough to get the Christmas version of the show.

If you have already seen the performance earlier in the year and are wondering if your kids will be excited about the Christmas version, you can check out my kids’ reaction to our visit last week…and yes we also went in June. Spoiler alert – they were pumped!

So with only a handful of shows remaining before they put the ‘travelling’ back in travelling circus, make sure you say thanks to our favorite adopted locals of 2021 and catch the Sesame Street Circus Christmas Spectacular.

Watch below: