Video has captured another tense exchange between what appears to be a Canberra driver and an anti-vaccine mandate protestor.

In the video, a red ute can been seen leaving the road and driving in the opposite direction of traffic in a bid to circle and hurl abuse at another car, allegedly being driver by a visiting protestor.

Click here to watch the video [Language Warning].

The moment, which took place along Commonwealth Avenue over the weekend, was caught on camera by a passenger inside the vehicle being circled.

ACT Police said the incident in question had not been reported but issued a reminder to road users in the Territory.

A spokesperson said drivers need to be aware that road rules apply to all users and urged those who become frustrated by the actions of other drivers not to take the law into their own hands.

“Any driving behaviour that puts another road user at risk is an offence, driving slowly to deliberately impede traffic is also an offence.”


“Anyone wishing to report dangerous or illegal behaviour on the ACT’s roads is urged to call 131444 when they can safely do so.”

It’s the latest in a string of heated exchanges between Canberra residents and visiting demonstrators who’ve been protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

One pervious incident between two drivers, which led to one woman being fined for negligent driving, went viral after after video surfaced of a car becoming lodged on top another in a Watson street.

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