Children aged between 5 and 11 will being receiving their first COVID-19 vaccines from Monday.

It’s estimated the cohort is made up of about 46,000 kids in the ACT, with more than 9,000 of them already booked in for the jab.

The Australian Medical Association says it’s important Children take up the chance to be vaccinated, in a bid to boost the community’s protection from the virus and lessen the disruption to classroom when schools return for 2022.

ACT AMA President Dr Walter Abhayaratna said there is also clear evidence from overseas experience that the jab is safe for our kids.

“There’s extremely reassuring evidence from a large vaccine surveillance program in the US which found the Pfizer COVID vaccine was safe when given to more than 8 million children there last year.”

“Whilst we’re also aware that Children tend not to have as severe COVID infection as frequently as adults, we’re just giving that additional protection to our community as COVID numbers are on a rapid rise.”

Parents can book their children in for a vaccine at your local GP or pharmacy or by phoning the ACT’s vaccination hotline on 5124 7700.

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