A brand-new brewery is opening up here in Canberra!

Cypher Brewing Co is opening its doors in Gungahlin, and to celebrate its debut weekend it will have a number of different brews to try on for size! The Cypher Brewing Cos red IPA, as well as their XPA, which were on display at the National Multicultural Festival and the Beer and Cider Festival will available. On top of that, the brewery is unveiling two new drinks that will be on-tap for today’s opening, A stout and a lager. Among the other drinks up for offer includes the breweries very own hazy.

Co-founder Rachelle Loosen gave the Mix106.3 team a view of the venue before-hand, check out the video here!

She said the inspiration for the brewery came from a sudden purchase.

“Pretty much it started because there was some brewery equipment that went for sale down the coast, probably mid last year I’d say, and Jeff, my partner, came home and he was so excited,” she said.

“He was like ‘oh there’s brewery equipment for sale do you maybe we should do it?’ and I was like ‘no. That’s a terrible idea,’ but he told some of his mates in Canberra, and they actually thought it could have legs and so they convinced him to go for gold. And here we are.”

The Brewery has set up shop on Unit 3/35 Hinder St, Gungahlin, which Rachelle said was a hand-picked location.


She said, “we picked Gungahlin deliberately. We actually live in Tuggeranong, so we’re not locals to Gungahlin, but we wanted to be on the light rail because there’s so much opportunity for people to come in from town, or from Watson.”

“Obviously there’s a huge population in Gungahlin and there’s nothing really like this out here. We did talk to a lot of people before deciding where we’d open, and there seemed to be a real desire from people in the Gungahlin area to have more venues like this.”

Cypher Brewing Co will be open until 11pm today, you can check out their website here.