Imagine this.

You’ve whipped out the new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 6 video game for the first time.

You’re ready to perform the sickest tricks that no one has ever seen before.

What’s playing on in the background? A song from a Canberra artist!

That’s the hope for local rapper Kirklandd, after the release of his new song OTHERSIDE.

Taking inspiration from previous iterations of Tony Hawk’s game’s soundtracks, the alt-pop/punk artist is excited for people to hear his new sound and has set his sights on hearing it in the future version of the game.

And he’s one step closer to achieving that Pro Skater dream after having his track endorsed by non-other than TONY HAWK!



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“He was like yeah ‘yeah, I can hear the inspiration’… it was cool that he acknowledged where it came from and could see the alignment there,” Kirklandd told CBR Wrapped’s Mick.

“That video game is where I first heard of Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy, and I’m loving tapping into that nostalgia… that’s a huge part of where I came from as a kid getting into music from the first time.”

The whole CBR Wrapped team agrees that this song NEEDS to be on the next Pro Skater 6 game (whenever that will be released).

To listen to the full chat with Kirklandd, listen below.

To hear Kirklandd’s new song OTHERSIDE, click here.