A Canberra man has gone viral after sharing his very candid views on the anti-vaccine mandate demonstrations currently taking place in the Territory.

The man, who has chosen not to be named, was captured on video calling out a protestor involved in a demonstration out at the Canberra Airport on Sunday afternoon.

The exchange has since gone viral, with some labeling the man a ‘hero of the people’.

Watch the video [LANGUAGE WARNING] by clicking here.

Kristen & Nige saw the video and were keen to track down Canberra’s newest ‘hero’.

After a lengthy search, with the help of listeners, the mystery man checked in to the show on Tuesday morning and said he’d been overwhelmed by the support he’s received online.

“I thought ‘jeeze’ this has really blown up, common people like me aren’t used to media attention.”


When reflecting on the exchange, the man said the protestor, who was interviewing him, simply got under his skin.

“They’re completely in disregard of the science behind the vaccine, the strife this virus is causing and mortality rate – it was just some smug guy, trying to interview me, and in no way was he open to any rational conversation.”

Listen to the full chat between the mystery man and Kristen & Nige below: