In preparation for Kristen’s upcoming “Do-Over” Dance, the team decided to revisit Kristen’s past and have a conversation with Ms. Donna, her former dance teacher.

Ms. Donna, who had taught Kristen when she was just a little girl, was behind Kristen’s choreography for Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” Unfortunately, due to stage fright, Kristen never had the opportunity to perform the routine.

During their chat, Ms. Donna fondly reminisced about her time teaching Kristen, describing her as a “spunky little redhead,” and shared memories of the now infamous ‘Jitter Bug’ dance.

The call became quite emotional for Kristen, as it had been over 30 years since she last spoke to Ms. Donna. Kristen expressed that Ms. Donna was one of her role models who had left a lasting impression on her.