With the King’s Coronation coming up this weekend, we needed our own coronation correspondent on the ground to get the scoop.

Luckily, our amplifyCBR News Director, Lewis Haskew, pre-planned a trip to the UK which happened to coincide with the big event.

Lewis set the scene for what it’s like to be in London for the first coronation in 70 years.

“There’s British flags everywhere. Charles and Camilla’s faces are in every window. They’re absolutely loving it and cannot wait for tomorrow night.”

Naturally, people have flocked to the streets to secure the best spot to view the celebrations.

Lewis came across Margaret who is 81 years old and has been camping out since Tuesday afternoon. He says that Margaret lives in London, but has a local connection.

“She’s been living in the UK for 54 years, but grew up in Australia and went to school in Goulburn.”

Listen to whole full chat below: