Ever wondered where the hosts of Canberra Wrapped love to eat at? Then wonder no more!

Rod and Gabi joined Mick to talk all things about their favourite foodie places in the Nation’s Capital – but it’s not as straight forward as you think.

Gabi is a coeliac and has been for some time now! But since moving back to Canberra after 10 years away, she is delighted by how many more options are now available to her!

So Mick has to know, where are the places she is loving the most lately?

Rod, on the other hand, is a vegetarian, and has been for the past five years. But why did he go ‘cold turkey’ on meat? And more importantly, where does he like to take his family out for dinner, who are also all vegetarians?

All these questions will be answered, along with a BONUS random discussion about Twisties!

Listen below:

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