Did you spot the bump? Did you think I’d indulged over Easter? Well I did.. but that’s not just the effects of delicious chocolate you can see around my waist.

I wanted to write to you personally, all our wonderful friends of the show who’ve been with me for the 8 years I’ve hosted Breakfast, to let you know baby Davidson number two arrives early October.

How do I feel? Overwhelmed, excited, hungry, daunted and mostly hungry. The person I’m most pumped for is my 21-month-old Hugo. Seeing how affectionate and playful that little guy is, we just knew this kid needed a sibling. So opened our hearts to the possibility of growing our team.

It’s been an interesting 18 weeks or so. Pregnancy and covid is a dynamic duo, that pair packed a punch around the 8 week mark. Was glad to see the back of them.

I kept the secret from my work team (even Nige) until last week, unbeknownst to them they sent a pregnant lady who was suffering from morning sickness up in a balloon for the balloon spectacular. To broadcast. I thought my cover was going to be blown for sure that morning, there were some interesting crosses.

But we are here, almost halfway and there’s definitely no hiding it now.

Kristen, Ian and Hugo


Excited to share the journey with you, friend. Thank you for checking in to read all about it. I hope you know how much it means.

You must see the video where I surprised Nige with the news. His reaction is priceless.

I also know pregnancy news can be a happy time for some and a tricky time for others. I know because that’s been me in the past, for what it’s worth I see you and hope your happy news is around the corner.

Much love. Anyone got snacks?

Kristen x