Recently, Lewis from the Newsroom stumbled across an intact copy of the Canberra Times dating back to 1974 – more specifically, Wednesday November 27 of that year.

The paper itself is a time capsule of a younger National Capital – A time when Kambah was considered the urban fringe of the city, the Starlight Drive-In was still operating, Self Governance hadn’t begun and there was only two channels to choose from on the TV.

However, it was a story on Page 3 of the paper that caught the attention of the Mix Breakfast Show.

Headlined ‘New bus for ACT trail’ the story detailed the plans of the very first articulated bus to be given a run on Canberra’s roads.

Commonly known as ‘bendy buses’, the articulated bus has since become a mainstay of the Territory’s public transport fleet, with many Canberra children since attempting the challenge of staying upright while standing in the middle of the bus as it makes its way around corners.

Gary Clark, who recently retired as a bus driver after joining Action back in the early 70’s, joined Kate & Nige on Friday morning to chat about driving the very first ‘bendy’ bus.


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