We could still be waiting weeks to find out who will stand alongside Katy Gallagher, to represent the ACT in the Federal Senate.

The race to claim Territory’s second seat remains locked between The Liberal’s Zed Seselja and Independent David Pocock but neither yet have enough first preference votes to claim victory.

Evan Ekin-Smith from the Australian Electoral Commission said pre-poll and election day votes have all been counted, they’re now just waiting for postal votes to arrive in the mail before beginning the count of second preferences.

“They can come in up until 3 June, we simply have to wait for postal votes to come in and we’ll count them as we get them.”

While an official result won’t be known for some weeks, Ekin-Smith admits we could get a pretty clear indication before then.

“That’s up to electoral analysts, we’ll continue to count postal votes, there’ll be more first preference votes coming in and that’ll either make the result clearer or not as clear – it depends on the votes.”

Currently, it’s predicted Pocock will likely claim the second seat when the count of second preference votes in complete.


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