A nationwide search for the sh*test ‘big thing’ in Australia has Canberra and the region in its sights.

Facebook page Sht Towns of Australia, usually delivers its humorous take of the weeks news with weekly ranking of terrible places across the country.

But now it’s embarking on a hunt for big things.

In a post on its page, it’s announced ‘experts’ have shortlisted the top 32 which will go head to head in a series of rounds to crown Australia’s worst big thing.

Featured in the post is Belconnen’s famous phallic looking owl statue as well as Goulburn’s Big Merino.

Other contenders include Robertson’s Big Potato and the Big Banana.

The decision will be left in the hands of the Australia people with voting in round 1 beginning today.


You can take part by signing up to the Sht Towns of Australia mailing list here

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