COVID-19 restrictions at ACT Public Schools are set to be eased from next week.

As of Monday 9 May 2022 cohourting will be scrapped, masks no longer mandatory and families allowed back on campus.

See the full list of changes below:

  • Families will be allowed back on campus to participate in a greater range of activities, including after-hours performances, fundraisers and events. They can also come onto school grounds for drop-off and pick up.
  • Student cohorting is no longer required. Where learning cohorts mix, schools will consider other mitigations, like minimising the length of time or the number of students participating in organised activities together.
  • Masks will no longer be mandatory for secondary students in ACT public schools.
  • Public school staff will continue to wear masks – but can take them off when physical distancing is maintained.
  • Checking-in is no longer required for staff and visitors on public school sites.
  • Physical distancing should be maintained on school sites, but density requirements no longer apply.
  • Household contacts will be able to attend ACT public schools for work or study, if they have met ACT Health’s risk mitigation requirements for household contacts.
  • With high vaccination rates across the Canberra community, COVID-19 vaccinations will no longer be mandated for any staff working in ACT public schools – after 13 May 2022.
  • COVID-safe cleaning will continue in line with the AHPPC endorsed guidelines.
  • All ACT public schools’ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plans will be updated for the winter months ahead.
  • Rapid antigen tests(RATs) will continue to be available at all ACT schools and be provided to staff and students on an as-needed basis – or in response to increased cases reported to a school. Early childhood staff will also have continued access to RATs under the same arrangements.

However, the ACT Government has stressed that restrictions may be reintroduced during the Winter months, should case numbers within the community increase significantly.

Listen to the latest news below: