If you’ve listened to Mix106.3 recently, you may have heard the term ‘Yuma’ being used in the news.

But have you ever wondered what it means?

‘Yuma’ is the Ngunnawal word for ‘Hello’.

Much like most of the more than 250 other indigenous languages across Australia, a majority of the Ngunnawal language has been lost to history after generations of Aboriginal people were banned from speaking in their native tongue.

However, a group of dedicated elders and linguists are now working together to rebuild and revive the local language.

Members of that group, the Winanggaay Ngunnawal Language Aboriginal Corporation, recently held a workshop for Mix106.3 staff, teaching us about the rich history of the Ngunnawal people, their country and their language.

With gaps in the language still left to fill, there’s plenty of work ahead but It’s hoped that one day Ngunnawal will be taught and spoken fluently throughout the Canberra region.


Until then, words like Yuma (Hello) are helping to bring members of our community together in a form of reconciliation while also bringing awareness to the revival process.