Mask-wearing will not be compulsory in the Canberra Airport terminal from this weekend.

The ACT Government dropped the mandate, following new health advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee.

Canberra Airport CEO Stephen Byron said it’s a common sense decision and a great step forward.

“Confidence is coming back into travel and the removal of masks at airports is another part of rebuilding confidence and realising that COVID is just going to be part of our lives and we move on and live with it.”

Picture: Canberra Airport

Despite the change, the AHPPC and ACT Government strongly recommend continued mask wearing in terminals, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But an ANU Infectious Diseases Expert said masks aren’t as effective in protecting against the virus as people think.


“For instance, if you go outside, you get a 95% reduction in your risk. That’s a 20-fold reduction. If masks give you a 15% reduction, that doesn’t even halve your risk,” Professor Peter Collignon said.

The change officially kicks in from 11:59pm on Friday, June 17.