The need to quarantine after being confirmed as a COVID-19 is set to be further eased from next week.

As of Monday 4 April, 2022 anyone who is considered a recovered COVID-19 case will now be exempt from any further isolation or quarantine requirements for 12 weeks after becoming a ‘cleared’ case.

What that means is if you come into contact with someone with COVID-19 or live with a confirmed case of the virus, you are not subject to the same 7 day isolation period if you’ve been ‘cleared’ of the virus in the preceding 12 weeks.

For everyone else the isolation period for confirmed cases and their household contacts remains unchanged at 7 days.

Acting ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Vanessa Johnston said the changes reflect up-to-date advice and aligns with what’s being implemented in other states and territories.

However, Dr Johnston said it’s important to remember that some ‘low-level’ restrictions remain in place.

“Use of Check In CBR remains mandatory at a range of locations including bars, pubs and clubs.”


“Masks are required in some settings including on public transport, when using ride share, at schools and in other high-risk locations.”

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