Canberra is now home to one of the biggest Australian dinosaur models. 

The Dinosaur Museum in Gold Creek has received a model of an Australotitan Cooperensis, a newly discovered Aussie dinosaur.

It’s so big, at 16 meters tall that the museum has had to do months of preparation for the new model, says Director of the Museum Tom Kapitany,

” It’s been sitting here for a month as we waited for landscapers and concreters to come and do what needs to be done, so it’s been quite a challenge”. 

The real Cooper  was roaming Australia 98 million years ago, and would’ve been a bit bigger than the museums model, 

” A full size would be 30 meters, this one is a bit smaller at 16 meters, so we can call it a teenager, any bigger and it’d be in the car park!”

Cooper was set up this morning at the Gold Creek Museum


Cooper was only discovered in 2005, up in Eromanga, Queensland by two landholders. 

“One of the sons, found a small piece of bone on one of their properties and took it to the museum.” 

The teen Cooper will be all set up for people to have a look at this morning, with visitors invited to come and have a look at the prehistoric Australian.


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