There are concerns, the Garran Surge Center may not have been fit for its intended purpose.

It comes as a report into the center found that it did not meet national health standards, as well as having issues with fire safety, appropriate distancing of beds, and ventilation.

The center was closed on the 28th of February as the territory rolled back its emergency measures which were put into place during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

It was planned to be an overflow center, if Canberra Hospitals became inundated with cases, luckily our numbers never reached that point with the center primarily used for testing and triage.

The Canberra Liberals are calling on the ACT Government to explain itself after the government spent between $60,000 to $75,000 on improvements to the center.

Shadow Health Minister Leanne Castley says the government has failed to be transparent with Canberrans.

“So, the ACT Labor-Greens government spent 14 million on a facility that was unsuitable for treating COVID patents, but Canberrans were told it was not being used because of staff shortages “.


Castley says the minister has some explaining to do,

“Health Minister Rachel Stephen Smith must come clean on what she knew about the deficiencies at the center, when she knew about them and why she didn’t rectify them”.

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