Aussies who lived in the UK between 1980 and 1996 will now be able to donate blood.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has overruled the previous guidelines that were in place over fears of spreading Mad Cow Disease.

“This decision, which relates to both blood and plasma products, was based on a detailed evaluation of epidemiological data, the relevant scientific literature and was supported by expert advice,” a spokesperson said.

It is estimated around 700,000 Australians will now be able to donate blood following the decision.

“Our clinical team have been working for well over 12 months now on getting the evidence to support our submission that went in only last year,” Executive director of Donor Services for Red Cross Lifeblood, Cath Stone said.

“The research has been ongoing because where we look to make changes to deferral it has to be underpinned by the latest scientific evidence.

“We’re delighted for that change to now be made.”

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