Last week, Kristen and Nige realised that Canberra didn’t have its own Monopoly board. They were surprised to learn that even Wagga had its own board.

Nige took matters into his own hands and wrote a letter to Mr Monopoly, expressing his thoughts on the issue.


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And guess what? Today’s the day! Dale Hackett from Winning Moves, the folks who make the Monopoly board, called Kristen and Nige with some exciting news.

Turns out, Canberra has been on their radar for a while, but it’s a big undertaking.

Nevertheless, Mr Monopoly has given the green light, and Canberra will finally have its very own official board.


Kristen and Nige have been given the opportunity to help design the board, including the streets, players, and the chance and community chest cards.

They’ve decided to involve the Canberra public in this endeavour.

Have your say to leave your mark on the official Canberra Monopoly board!

Once the board is finished, it’ll be available for purchase for the next 20-25 years. Get ready for some Monopoly fun in the capital!

Listen to how it all went down!