Schools students in the ACT will return to on-campus learning, as planned, when Term 1 resumes this year.

The ACT Government confirmed the decision on Monday afternoon despite calls from some experts and worried parents alike, to delay the return to the classroom amid the increasing COVID-19 case load within the community.

A spokesperson for the ACT Government said classrooms in the Territory will have COVID-19 safety plans in place, similar to those at the end of last term.

“Our schools will always prioritise the safety of students and staff, while continuing to provide the best possible education to our children and young people.”

“The ACT Education Directorate is working closely with ACT Health and education stakeholders to plan for the return to school and will provide full details as soon as these plans are finalised.”

At this stage, the Government said it’s plans shouldn’t be affected by any worsening of the current COVID-19 situation but will continue to monitor any developments and act on health advice.

It also confirmed that a Rapid Antigen Testing system is being considered but plans to bring back teachers to the classroom during there quarantine periods, in the event of a staff shortage, is not part of the Education Directorate’s plan to manage schools in the pandemic.

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