This week marks the end of the Bronte & Wilko show after the pair announced their departure from Mix106.3 during Monday’s broadcast.

Both have decided to pursue other opportunities outside of the ‘Dingy dark box’…next to the sheep.

It brings to an end a 5-year stint on Mix106.3 for Wilko and honestly it’s shocking we’ve let him hang around this long.

“Considering how many complaints I’ve had against me, it’s actually really quite amazing that I’ve made it this far.” Wilko said.

Bronte and Wilko have been on-air together since the start of the year but Bronte’s decided now is also the right time to wrap things up, as she embarks on a new opportunity in Queensland.

“I am also going to be finishing up on Friday because I couldn’t imagine doing a show in Canberra without you (Wilko) [laugh].” Bronte said.

Despite their short tenure together, Bronte & Wilko have continued to dominate the drive time slot with all 6 listeners helping the show maintain it’s number one spot in the ratings.


The announcement also marks the end of an era from the drive time slot on Mix106.3 which has been spearheaded by Wilko since the show’s launch back in 2018.

A special shoutout must of course be extended to the rest of the team involved during the show’s many variations including producer Hayley, newsreader Sammy Rose, former co-host Courts, former producer Matty and former newsreader Renee.

The show officially wraps up on Friday but until then you can still catch the guys each day from 3pm-6pm as we say goodbye.

Listen to the big announcement below: