Thursday, 1st September 2022.

  • The Jobs and Skills Summit kicks off today with government, industry and union representatives in attendance
  • The Australian Medical Association is concerned there’s a lack of evidence supporting COVID restriction changes.
  • Chris Dawson is applying for bail today. NSW police are still working to locate his wife, Lyn’s remains.
  • House prices have fallen over the last month, according to two reports released today.
  • The Government has released a review into Australia’s Cosmetic surgery underworld, handing 16 reviews down.
  • Swooping season is upon us, there’s already been 100 reported magpie swoops this year.
  • There’s reports the Queens health is deteriorating, she’s not travelling to hold an audience with outgoing PM Boris Johnson.
  • A highway in the US has faced a saucy situation after a truck left alfredo sauce drenching the road

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