COVID-19 restrictions that require seated service and prevent dancing in the ACT have been extended for another four weeks.

Mandatory face masks, density limits and other public health measures for businesses and indoor venues are also remaining in place.

While the ACT Government continues to encourage people to work from home where they can.

The current restrictions are now slated to remain in place until Friday 25 February, with a review to be undertaken in two weeks time.

Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, said it’s important to continue the current COVID measures, in a bid to flatten the curve and protect those in the community who are most at risk of serious illness

“The extension of these measures is a sensible step to mitigate virus transmission during a period on increased activity.”

“We’re anticipating much more movement across the community over the coming weeks as Canberrans go back to work and schools reopen.”


Case nunbers in the ACT have begun declining from a peak around 1,800 but Mr Barr said the coming weeks will reveal whether that trend will continue.

“We have started to see cases stabilise in the past 10 days and we’ll use the next two weeks to closely monitor the situation, particularly around what a return to school and many of our regular routines means for case numbers.”

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