You’ve probably still got the tissues out as you fight off the flu but be just be prepared to keep them nearby as hay fever season has officially begun in Canberra.

Pollen forecasters recorded the first ‘High’ level reading of the season on Sunday just gone.

ANU Professor Simon Haberle said this is just the start of things to come.

“What we will see over the next few weeks is the Cyprus pine and other pine trees – you’ll see this large yellow cloud emanating from some of the plantations and that’s the tree pollen.”

Despite still being in the depths of winter, Haberle insists this is usually the time of year when Canberra’s pollen levels start to increase.

“But what we saw on Sunday was quite a high reading for Cyprus pine.”

Haberle leads the time behind the ANU’s pollen app, tracking daily pollen levels in the Canberra region – you can check out today’s forecast here.


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