Magdalen Sillis has been ‘bleeding green’ ever since the NRL made its way to the region with the establishment of the mighty Canberra Raiders back in 1982.

Over the past 40 years she’s maintained a keen following of the Green Machine, often overheard screaming at the TV during games – her mostly commonly used phrase “Oh, poor Ricky”.

So when Magdalen celebrated her 100th Birthday last month, it was only fitting that she was paid a special visit from her favourite mascot.

Tony Wood, otherwise known better as Victor the Viking, made the trip to her home in Bungendore to help celebrate the milestone occasion and it’s there that the idea of bringing Magdalen to the game was hatched.

“I said to her that I’d love her to come lead the Viking clap when she turns 101 and she said she’d love to.”

But after speaking with club officials and game day organisers it was decided ‘why wait’ with Magdalen and her family invited to make the trip to Canberra for the Raiders clash against Warriors.

“At 100 years of age she’s going to become the oldest person ever to blow the horn at a rugby league game – and it happens this Saturday.”


“The passion Magdalen has for the Raiders is absolutely amazing – she absolutely loves the Raiders.”

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